Mums Mini Series: Trust Your Instincts


Join us as we kick off a special mini-series on Reconnect Sisterhood focused on the essence of motherhood. In this episode, we dive into the vital theme of "Trusting Your Instincts."

Explore the modern parenting landscape where information is abundant, and expert advice is just a click away. Natalie shares personal experiences, acknowledging the value of insights from experts and the power of social media.

In the midst of the chaos of parenting, we emphasise the importance of finding a balance between external guidance and innate maternal instincts. The episode encourages mums to trust themselves, slow down, and recognise the unique connection they share with their children.

Tune in for a powerful reminder that amidst the wealth of advice, "You know best. Trust your instincts."

Until next time, take care & stay connected!



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